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 Health and Well-Being
2016-2017 Wellness Program


Welcome back to another Health and Well-Being year!  District 622 continues the wellness program with Health Partners' Health and Well-Being for the 2016/2017 year.  Make sure you and your spouse (if applicable) complete the Health and Well-Being program by March 31, 2017 to qualify for the Preferred Benefit effective July 1, 2017. 

  • To access the wellness program go to
    • If you have already logged on to the Health Partners website, log in using your existing username/password.  Then, from your personalized home page, click on "Health Assessment and well-being activities"
    • For those of you who have not set up a Health Partners username and password click on "Sign Up" and register.  Then, from your personalized home page, click on "Health Assessment and well-being activities"
  • Log-on instructions can also be found here.

How to complete the program:

Both the employee and the applicable spouse must complete steps 1 and 2 by March 31, 2017.

     1.    Take the online health assessment by November 30, 2016.  
    •   Once logged on you will be directed to complete your health assessment.  Please allow 15 - 20 minutes to complete the assessment.
     2.    Complete ONE wellness activity listed below.  These activities can also be found on the Well-Being home page under the “Available Activities” section.  You and your applicable spouse may choose any program from the following:
Health Partners Programs:
    • 10,000 Steps Program
    • Health Coaching
    • Tobacco Program
    • Sleep Program
    • Stress Program
    • Beating the Blues Program
    • Well@Work Screening (Know Your Numbers)
District-managed Challenges through Health Partners:
    • Fruit/Veggie Challenge: November 6th - December 17th
    • Lose Weight in 8: January 15th - March 11th
    • Sugar Shake Up (paper) Challenge: February 12th - March 25th

 For a sample module of the Health and Well-Being web experience please click here

Preferred Benefit

The preferred benefit remains the same as previous years; a $20 differential of the office visit co-pay on the NationalONE 200-25 plan and a $250 deductible differential of the NationalONE VEBA 2000-100%, NationalONE VEBA 1500-100%, NationalONE HSA 2500-100% plan, and NationalOne $6200-100% HDHP.   For example, if an employee and spouse on the NationalONE 200-25 plan choose not to participate in the wellness program, then July 1, 2017 the employee, spouse, and family will have an office visit copay $20 greater than those that completed the Health and Well-Being program.

Please note the spouse participation is if the spouse is covered under the District health insurance.  Both the employee and covered spouse must complete the Health Assessment and Wellness Activity to qualify for the Preferred Benefit.  If one chooses not to participate, both the employee and spouse will have the non-preferred benefit level July 1, 2017. 

Informational meetings about the Health and Well-Being program were completed the first 2 weeks of October at each site. The meeting presentation (including screenshots of the health assessment and wellness program options) and additional information can be located here.

Health Partners Health and Well-Being representatives can be reached at 1-800-311-1052 Monday - Thursday 8am-8pm and Friday 8am-6pm.