Oakdale Elementary School

SchoolDistrict 622

2016-17 Class Placement Process 

Oakdale staff spends a great deal of time placing students in class groups for the next school year.  Our primary focus is to establish productive, heterogeneous classrooms where each child can be provided with the opportunity to be successful and challenged to do their best work.  In doing this, several factors are considered:
· Learning style of the student

· Consideration of all educational factors:  academic and social skills are the primary determinants

· Appropriate balance of ethnic groups, gender, academic achievement, learning styles, instructional levels, and discipline concerns.

· Avoidance of possible personality problems

· Balanced class sizes

· Recommendations of this year’s teacher

Please do not request a specific teacher, instead explain your child's academic, emotional and social needs that will help us make placements decisions.  Download the "Parent Input Form" or  stop by the school office to pick one up.

All forms were due in the office Wednesday, May 4th.