John Glenn Middle School

SchoolDistrict 622

Special Education Staff
ntact your child's teachers.  If you are looking for more information about a particular class, click on a teacher's name to be taken directly to their webpage.

Teacher Email Program Phone Number Days at John Glenn
Alex Alvarez EBD Resource 748-6397 Mon - Fri
Julie Oelrich FAN Program 748-6417 Mon - Fri
Teresa  FAN Program   748-6403Mon - Fri
DAPE 748-3656 Mon - Fri
Multiple Needs      748-6415Mon - Fri
June House
Multiple Needs 748-6353 Mon - Fri
Brian Trexel
CREED   748-6454Mon - Fri
Terese Kunick
Psychologist   748-6316Mon - W and Fri
Tammy Erickson
SPED      748-6451Mon - Fri
Kathleen   SPED   748-6450Mon - Fri
Jinger Brulz
Speech 748-6448 Mon - Fri
Social Worker   748-6332Mon - Fri